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Welcome to The Primal Endurance Podcast, where we challenge the ineffective, overly stressful conventional approach to endurance training and provide a refreshing, sensible, healthy, fun alternative. Going primal frees you from carbohydrate dependency and turns you into a fat burning beast! Enjoy interviews from elite athletes, coaches, authors and scientists on the cutting edge of endurance training and performance.
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Aug 26, 2016
Brad Kearns tackles more interesting Q&A from Primal Endurance podcast listeners and book readers. Submit your questions at and they will get covered on the air. Topics include: can the Primal Endurance approach apply to high school distance runners? Must young athletes adhere to the "180-age" aerobic principles? How to reconcile the "total fitness" goal of The Primal Blueprint laws with the specifics of Primal Endurance (aerobic emphasis and periodization); how possibly backing off from a very ambitious weekly workout pattern (featuring plenty of endurance work along with numerous high intensity sessions) can actually help facilitate fat loss by lowering cortisol levels; and much more. 
Jul 29, 2016
Brad Kearns tackles listener/reader Q&A. Topics include the disparity in perceived effort between cycling and running at aerobic max; what is the 'low-end' heart rate for aerobic workouts (the answer will surprise you!); integrating Primal Endurance principles for Spartan Race competition; how stubborn excess body fat might be there as a consequence of too much exercise, not too little; and much more!
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Jul 22, 2016

Host Brad Kearns catches up with Mark Allen, the greatest triathlete in history, who has a record six victories at the Hawaii Ironman and ten victories at the Nice, France World Long Course Championship. Today, he is a popular triathlon coach at, TV commentator, corporate speaker, author, and presenter of “Fit Soul, Fit Body” retreats with Brant Secunda, a Huichol shaman and healer.

First, Mark talks about the importance of releasing attachment to outcomes and being committed to the enjoyment and appreciation of the process. He discusses how, after a series of unfortunate setbacks, Mark’s first victory in 1989 precipitated five Ironman attempts before he retired at the top of his game at age 39.

Mark talks about balancing the pursuit of extreme endurance goals with maintaining health and how research on Heart Rate Variability has been a great breakthrough in monitoring stress and planning training.

Mark and Brad discuss the importance of sleep when training and Mark elaborates on how he was able to live a normal, laid back lifestyle once his grueling training sessions or competitive seasons were over.

Finally, they discuss how Mark has released a book called The Art of Competition, which blends stunning nature photography with inspirational quotes chosen by Mark for their significance to competitors seeking a healthy perspective and inspiration to pursue athletic goals.

Note: This show previously aired as episode #44 on the Primal Blueprint Podcast channel.

Jul 15, 2016
Brad Kearns is back with more listener/reader Q&A. Topics include syncing the seemingly conflicting Primal Blueprint Fitness principles (move, lift, sprint) with the Primal Endurance periodization principles; how technique is the most important improvement factor for swimming; how sprints turbocharge body fat reduction; getting frustrated with slow pace aerobic training, and much more!
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Jul 8, 2016

Host Brad Kearns is back this week to answer a smattering of listener questions, starting with Jesse, who is finding difficulty training for an upcoming triathlon while building his aerobic base.

This episode is also available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!



Jul 1, 2016

Host Brad Kearns sounds off on the popular topic of testosterone - specifically how to optimize your levels through diet, exercise and lifestyle behaviors. Brad details how his testosterone nosedived in 2015 due to a bout of chronic aerobic exercise, and how he more than doubled his free T levels (6.8 - clinically low; to 14.3 - teenager level) in only five months by lowering his training heart rate by 12 beats, taking power naps, and making high-intensity strength training sessions shorter in duration. Other tips are provided, especially relating to how primal-style eating can optimize sex hormone function for both males and females.

This episode is also available on YouTube.

Jun 24, 2016

Host Brad Kearns travels to the mountains of Colorado for a video podcast (listen here, as always, or check out YouTube for an enhanced experience) with Dr. Cate and Luke. They have been busy working on a comprehensive update and re-release of their bestseller, Deep Nutrition. The conversation focuses on the dangers of refined high polyunsaturated vegetable/seed oils and the urgent need to completely cease consuming these toxic agents, and all the processed, packaged, snacks, frozen, and fast foods they are found in. If you care about your health, this show could change your life by giving you the clarity to adopt a zero tolerance policy.

May 27, 2016

Brad Kearns visits with elite professional ultra-runner Zach Bitter. Besides being the national 100k champion and holder of many other titles and records, Zach is noted in the ultra community for his insightful blogging at, and for his success at pushing the edges of human performance as a ketogenic endurance athlete.

As a participant in Dr. Jeff Volek's landmark FASTER study, Zach metabolized fat during exercise at nearly twice the previously believed absolute human maximum. Listen or watch on YouTube, as Zach discusses his revolutionary training methods, including how he uses ketogenic eating patterns to race more efficiently and recover faster. This dude is the real deal, and once ran 38 miles in 8.5 hours on no food!

May 20, 2016
Brad Kearns explains the common errors and misconceptions about the role of strength training for endurance athletes, and why it's so important to strength train in the proper manner, at the right times of the season.
Learn how to avoid the dreaded "blended" workouts that just leave you tired and over-trained, how increasing raw power and explosiveness will improve your endurance performance, and how to integrate strength workouts into your schedule without compromising your aerobic development. 
May 13, 2016

Brad Kearns mixes things up with a narration format podcast, addressing the most common question of Primal Endurance enthusiasts: Can I really slow down to go faster?

This commentary will get you focused and motivated to slow down and appreciate the importance and the scientific rationale for building an aerobic base, and being highly disciplined to keep your training heart rate at or below Dr. Phil Maffetone's "180-age" formula.

May 7, 2016

Brad Kearns addresses an assortment of podcast listeners/Primal Endurance reader questions. Topics covered include the all-important issue of building an aerobic base, and the importance of slowing down to go faster. Other questions about diet, cramping and effective scheduling are covered. Brad's secret solution to prevent cramping? Get in shape (seriously!). This episode is also available in video format on YouTube (more video podcasting coming in the future.

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Apr 22, 2016

Brad and Andrew get deep into big questions endurance athletes might want to ask themselves about their training - How do I feel? Should I alter my planned workout accordingly? Am I progressing with my fitness, or falling into an overtraining/overstress pattern? Is it okay to "fiddle around" at most of your workouts? (Andrew says YES, and cites an Olympic gold medal swimmer who did just that in his glory days). Enjoy a thoughtful discussion that may change your entire outlook on your endurance goals!

Mar 25, 2016

Host Brad Kearns sits down with Dave Dollé, personal trainer and co-Author of Fruit Belly. Today we’re diving deep into Dave’s background and current career endeavors, including how he manages his two training facilities and keeps his clients motivated.

Mar 18, 2016

Ultra Runner Jeff Browning joins host Brad Kearns to discuss how adopting a Primal lifestyle helped him overcome Candida and improve his overall athletic performance.

Mar 11, 2016

Brad is back in studio with your questions answered!

Mar 5, 2016

Host Brad Kearns is back in the studio with author and podcast alum, Dr. Phil Maffetone. Brad and Phil discuss the common “short-cut syndrome” of the typical endurance training program, leading too many athletes to become fitter, at the expense of their health.

Learn how to become optimally fit, without sacrificing health, inducing injury, fatigue, depression and burnout, in this eye opening and informative episode!

Feb 26, 2016

Host Brad Kearns sits down with Endurance Planet Podcast host Tawnee Prazak, for a lively talk on the importance of taking a holistic approach to training. 

Feb 20, 2016

Andrew and Brad discuss how to “solve the puzzle” of transitioning gracefully through major shifts in career or life. In the athletic world, many struggle on the occasion of retirement because the intensity of competition and attention is difficult or impossible to match in more traditional career pursuits. A process-oriented mindset is urged, so that self-esteem is not attached to results or one’s identity as an athlete, or a career achiever as well. Another suggestion is finding new passions—they don’t necessarily have to be competitive—but something that lights you up and engages you deeply. More discussion of how to balance career, family, fitness/health, and personal goals, and how sometimes we look at health and fitness pursuits as “sacrifices” when in fact not doing healthy behaviors is the real sacrifice. Enjoy a thoughtful show full of practical tips from Andrew and Brad.

Feb 12, 2016

Hi folks, today will wrap up our chapter-by-chapter summary series on Primal Endurance, finishing with Chapters 8 and 9!

Chapter 8 goes over complimentary movement practices and Chapter 9 will rundown the best-of-the-best recovery techniques. So we’re talking about all the peripheral stuff that goes outside the core workouts that prepare you for endurance competitions. Things like yoga, pilates, foam rolling, getting adequate sleep and making sure you engage in sufficient everyday general movement. We’ll also cover cold water therapy, compression, and some of the latest and greatest advanced recovery techniques.

Releasing Primal Endurance has been a dream come true and it's been a pleasure getting you acquainted with the ins and outs of it! Tune in next week as we get back to our regular interview schedule.

Feb 5, 2016

On today’s special show, hosts Brad Kearns and Andrew MacNaughton connect with retired triathlon legend Simon Whitfield from Victoria, B.C., Canada. Simon details his remarkable victory in the inaugural Olympic triathlon in Sydney, Australia in 2000, along with other memories and perspectives gained from his lengthy career at the top of the sport. Simon is an extremely thoughtful, introspective athlete whose insights can provide great value to whatever peak performance or life goals you pursue. “If you love your pursuits, you’ll find a way to success. If you succumb to your fears and insecurities, your results will suffer accordingly,” says Simon. With refreshing candor, Simon mentions the dangers of drifting into a prima donna perspective and how to recalibrate to focus on the journey; especially having a strong and authentic support team. “Hard truths come with sharp edges, but they are the source of the greatest learning,” Simon offers. Simon updates us about his recent doings, including epic standup paddling adventures in Victoria. Enjoy this deeply revealing and impactful discussion with triathlon’s most thoughtful coach, Andrew MacNaughton, and most thoughtful elite athlete, Simon Whitfield.

Jan 29, 2016

Hi folks! We're back this week with our chapter-by-chapter summary of Primal Endurance. Today we're taking a look at Chapter 6: Sprinting. Learn how to properly integrate these high intensity workouts into your endurance training schedule and the assorted benefits you'll get from doing occasional sprints, which teach your body to perform at maximum intensity when you need it the most.

Jan 22, 2016

Happy Friday, listeners! We're back to our chapter-by-chapter breakdown of Primal Endurance. This week, we're taking a look at Chapter 5: Strength Training.

Learn how to properly (and safely) integrate high-intensity strength training workouts into your endurance training program. Be your own gym by incorporating full body functional movements such as; push-ups, planks, and squats.

You’ll be fascinated by the details on how maximum sustained power workouts tie into your endurance performance and how to enjoy maximum power output even as you fatigue, so make sure to tune in today!

Jan 15, 2016

Hi folks, we're back this week with a breakdown of Primal Endurance, Chapters 3 and 4: The Primal Blueprint Eating Strategy. Learn how to modify your diet, once and for all, to escape the tragic outcome of carbohydrate dependency for endurance athletes.

Jan 8, 2016

Today, Brad dives into Chapter 2 of Primal Endurance, which tackles the flaws in the traditional regimented and methodical approach to training. Learn the importance of balancing stress and rest, by aligning the difficulty of your workouts with your daily level of energy, motivation, and general health.

Dec 25, 2015

Tune in today for a very special rundown of the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Primal Endurance - arguably the most critical parts of the book, as they really set the stage for what the Primal Endurance approach and philosophy is all about.

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